Curlprint® – A unique tool for natural hair

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Curlprint® – the origins

It’s wash day and you’re dreading it. You pull out the usual suspects; products, products, and more products. New, old, and everything in between. You’re thinking about that girl you saw on the street today with the amazing twist out, or your best friends’ wash and go, or even Tracee Ellis Ross’ cascading curls and wondering, what are you doing wrong. You’re trying to understand your natural hair, but it’s just not going well. You’ve been told your 4b or 3c or some other combination, but these classifications just aren’t helping you care for your hair. What are you missing?

Curlprint® – the problem

It’s fair to say that almost every naturalista has experienced the above scenario. Returning to our natural hair is a path faced with many ups and downs. A lot of naturals are now discovering that knowing your hair type via popular hair typing systems like Andre Walker’s or LOIS are somewhat helpful but not enough. Naturalistas are looking for answers regarding how to maintain their hair on a daily basis, why some products work and others don’t, and what they can do to achieve their hair goals.

Curlprint® – the discovery

We’ve never joined the hair typing bandwagon. For us, porosity has always been the most important thing. Between the two of us we came to realize we were on complete opposite ends of the porosity spectrum. Finally, it started to make sense; why some products would work on one of us but not the other, why one of us experienced longer drying times, and the other couldn’t keep moisture in long enough. There were “aha moments” for us both. The porosity discovery was just the beginning of understanding our own hair and the differences with others. It was the missing link to better maintenance and establishing a routine that actually worked. The more we researched, the more we realized that there were two other major factors; density and texture, that when combined with porosity could really make a difference in caring for natural hair. A game changer, in fact, for many naturals.

Curlprint® – the idea

When we started Roots to Curls, we assumed a lot. But what we’ve discovered is that everyone is in a different place on their hair journey. Some are still trying to figure it out, others are brand new, and others are experts. Everywhere we went people would come to our table, point to their hair and say “my hair looks like this, what do you recommend”. While making an off-the-cuff recommendation would be profitable for us, we thought there had to be a better way. We wanted to genuinely help people understand their hair and make better product choices.

Curlprint® – the answer

We took what we discovered and created Curlprint®, a unique tool for natural hair. It was developed to help every naturalista from those in the know to those who want to know. We’ve compiled some well regarded “quick” tests into a short survey that when completed will provide the user with their very own Curlprint®. Armed with your Curlprint®, you now have the knowledge to buy products that are better suited to you, create a better daily/weekly regimen, and keep your hair looking fabulous. You’ll save money, time, and your sanity.

Curlprint® – the breakdown

Your Culprint® is a combination of your porosity, density, and texture.  In combination, these characteristics help to explain why  every curly, kinky, or coily head of hair is unique and why not all products work the same on everyone, or even why we all can’t care for our hair in the same way.

  • Porosity – is the hair’s ability to absorb and hold moisture. There are three porosity types; high, low or normal. Knowing your hair’s porosity will help you develop an appropriate routine and choose products to keep your hair moisturized and strong.
  • Texture – is the diameter (thickness) of each individual strand. There are 3 basic hair textures; fine, medium, and coarse. Knowing your hair’s texture will help you to better maintain its health and length.
  • Density – is the number of hairs per square inch on your head. Hair density is measured as low, medium, or high. Knowing your hair’s density will help you to choose products better suited to the volume of your hair.

Curlprint® – the mission

Our hope is that everyone who takes the survey, comes away with a deeper knowledge of their natural hair. With better understanding comes better appreciation for the versatility, uniqueness, and beauty of our natural hair.

Click the link to take the Curlprint® Quiz now


*Curlprint® is not meant to replace the advice of your haircare professional. It was developed to enhance your haircare knowledge and provide you with information and tips that may help you with your daily haircare routine and support healthy hair maintenance.

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