Quick mid-week routine for a soft, shiny, and defined twist out

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If you are a twist out fan like myself and don’t have time for a full mid-week overhaul, here’s a quick and easy routine that gave me a super soft, shiny, and defined twist out.

defined twist out on natural hair


  • Co-wash with your favourite conditioner mixed with your favourite oil
  • Rinse
  • Condition again to remove some of the oil
  • Rinse
  • Seal with oil and twist hair into large sections and let your hair relax and air dry a bit. (I ended up forgetting about my hair because I was watching Scandal!  )
  • Section hair and smooth on your choice of styler/butter.  
  • Because my hair is prone to shrinkage (75%) I stretch my hair by pinning up the twists
  • Cover with a silk scarf
  • When dry, untwist and separate for a soft and defined twist out

In total, this routine took me 25 minutes (not including the time I spent indulged with Scandal) and I rocked this twist out for 3 days! That’s a pretty good return on investment.


If you have low porosity hair that is prone to build up –  be aware that regular co-washing may create additional buildup and lead to dull hair.


What’s your signature quick tip for mid-week routines? We’d love to hear them.


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