Mello Hair

Nature Derived. Eco-Friendly. Effective

Mello Hair is more than just about making exceptional natural haircare products. Founded by Christiana Willis, her approach to healthy hair is like no other. 

Mello Hair takes a holistic approach to attaining and maintaining healthy hair and scalp but they don’t just stop there. They believe that every product we use creates an environmental footprint and it is our responsibility to reduce that foot print as much as possible. That is why Mello Hair is conscious of the ingredients in their products. When choosing their ingredients;  the origins, sustainability, safety, effectiveness and their impact on the environment. are all seriously considered. 

Mello Hair ensures that all the ingredients used in our products are either 
Eco-cert or NPA certified. 

Mello is more than your average natural hair care brand. We are Nature Derived, Eco-Friendly and Effective.

With this line you can be socially responsible while getting stronger, longer, healthier hair.



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