Bentonite Clay

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Sodium Bentonite Clay is renowned for its cleansing and detoxifying properties. 

This aged, volcanic ash is negatively charged so it easily binds to positively charged toxins. It is highly absorbent and can remove product build up on the hair and scalp and draw out dirt, toxins, and impurities.

It is nutrient rich and therefore an excellent conditioner and moisturizer that imparts, shine, softness, and definition. It is also effective in healing skin and scalp conditions such as eczema.

This product is for external use only.



  • Mix about 1 part bentonite clay with 1 part water. (Portion will vary based on hair thickness and/or length. However, try ½ cup to start) 
  • Mix paste until it achieves a yogurt like consistency. Add more water if needed to achieve this texture.
  • Apply mixture to scalp and length of the hair. Work in small batches to ensure the scalp/hair is completely covered. Let sit for a minimum of 5 minutes or up to 30 minutes (under a plastic cap).
  • Do not allow mixture to dry on the hair
  • After desired time, rinse product out, thoroughly
  • Apply desired conditioner/moisturizer


Additional add-ins:
  • Apple cider vinegar – replace all or part of the water with ACV  
  • Aloe vera juice – replace all or part of the water with aloe vera juice
  • Honey – use a small amount to combat dry hair
  • Favourite oil(s) – use a small amount to add slip and moisture
  • Essential oils – use a few drops for aroma and/or healing properties (ie, rosemary, peppermint, etc)



This product is for external use only. Use only plastic, glass or wood utensils and mixing containers. Do not use metal containers or utensils as these will contaminate the clay and lower its effectiveness.

100% sodium bentonite clay.




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