About Us

Welcome to Roots to Curls! Your source in Canada for natural haircare information and quality products. We’re so happy you could drop by and we look forward to having you as a regular customer.

We are Janet and Sophia Murphy, the co-founders of Roots to Curls. We met in University and began what would be a life-long friendship. We’ve shared tears, laughter and all of the ups and downs that come along with friendship. But, in 2009, friends became sisters (Sophia married Janet’s brother). Through births, deaths and life’s challenges we’ve seen each other through it all. 

After years of relaxing our hair and dealing with all the pitfalls that come with the process; expensive salon trips, occasional burns, split ends and cuticle damage, we decided that enough was enough, and challenged each other to “go natural”. While excited about the prospect neither one of us could commit to the big chop. We decided to slowly transition from relaxed to natural.

We immediately immersed ourselves in Youtube videos, blogs and product reviews for advice, how-to’s, and tips. We discovered that what worked for one did not work for the other and we came to understand that being natural is a very personal journey. We realized that knowing your hair defines your experience and is the cornerstone to a successful relationship with your hair.

Somewhere along the way we became notorious product junkies and loved it. The thrill of receiving new products coupled with the anticipation of finding that “holy grail” item made the journey even more exciting.

We soon came to realize one of the downsides to being a naturalista in Canada is the limited accessibility to the myriad of natural haircare products that exist. After speaking with other naturalistas we realized we weren’t alone in our frustrations. There seemed to be a need in the Canadian marketplace that called for more diversity and availability. Out of that need, Roots to Curls was born.

Roots to Curls was established to provide Canadian women with an alternative source for their natural haircare needs. Unique in our vision, we offer both an online store where Canadian women can purchase quality products and a website where they can access practical haircare information. Our goal is to ensure every naturalista has the tools to love her hair.

You ARE naturally beautiful.




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