Medium Texture, Low Porosity, High Density Hair

Your full head of medium textured hair may also have difficulty retaining moisture. Medium textured hair is the most common hair type. It is moderately strong because it has more protein structure than fine hair but not as much as coarse hair. It is also elastic and pliable, and can hold styles fairly well. Because medium textured hair is somewhat resistant to damage, it is easier to maintain length. With low porosity hair the cuticles are closed, making it difficult for moisture to penetrate the hair shaft. However, once the cuticles have been opened (e.g., deep conditioning with heat) this becomes an easier task. Your high density hair is often referred to as thick and usually has a lot of volume.

Continue reading to discover a helpful haircare regimen and product recommendations for your Curlprint®.


Helpful Hints:

  • Protein – Use moisturizing conditioners, leave-ins, and stylers, regularly. Use protein with caution. Many low porosity types experience difficulty with protein but, it is better tolerated in fine and medium textured hair. If you want to experiment, look for these types of proteins: hydrolyzed silk, keratin, collagen or amino acids.
  • Heat – Heat is essential for low porosity hair types. It helps open the cuticles and improves the absorption of products. Using warm water rinses and warming products before applying to the hair are two quick ways to incorporate heat.
  • Moisture retention – Try a pre-poo with your favourite oil(s) to help retain moisture.

Your Curlprint® Regimen:

Cleanse and Clarify

  • Wash hair in sections (4-6 loose twists) so that it is easier to work with.
  • Use a mild, sulfate-free shampoo/cleanser to avoid stripping hair of its natural moisture.
  • Regularly clarify your hair because low porosity hair is prone to build-up. Clay treatments are an excellent way to remove build-up and gently lift the cuticle.  clays area a great option, as they gently cleanse while removing toxins.

Deep Condition

  • Deep condition once a week.
  • Use your own body heat, steam or a heat source (i.e., hooded dryer) to open cuticles and allow product to penetrate shaft. For hair that is easily conditioned or tends to get soft, 5 minutes will do. For a more intense treatment, you can try 10-30 minutes.


  • Use water-based leave-ins and moisturizers. Products that don’t have water will not be effective at moisturizing your hair.
  • Medium textured hair types may want to experiment with lighter or heavier moisturizing products.


  • Use oils to help seal and retain moisture while preventing breakage. Do this step as a often as needed. Look for oils such as sweet almond, olive, argan, and jojoba oil.
  • To lock moisture in, use the LCO (Liquid, Cream, Oil) method not LOC. That means using your oil after you have applied your leave-in and cream.


  • High density hair responds well to heavier gels, creams and butters that work to hold curls together and reduce volume.
  • High density hair is also well suited to layered cuts and styles.

Medium textured hair is fairly elastic and strong and can benefit from a wide range of products. However, we recommended a selection of products to help you manage your low porosity.

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