Sweet Orange Essential Oil


Aside from its fragrant smell, sweet orange oil, extracted from the peel of the fruit, offers many benefits for hair. It is an excellent moisturizer and is well suited for those with dry, damaged, and brittle hair. Sweet orange oil is also beneficial for those with oily scalp conditions. Other benefits for hair include:

  • soothes scalp
  • adds shine
  • stimulates hair growth
  • promotes growth
  • relieves itchy, dry scalp
  • moisturizes scalp
  • strengthens hair root
  • moisturizes dry hair and scalp
  • removes toxins from hair and scalp
  • reduces split ends

Sweet orange oil has a sweet, citrus smell and blends well with other aromas particularly lavender, bergamot, lemon, clary sage, myrrh, sandalwood, nutmeg, cinnamon bark, and clove bud.

Note: Do not use without diluting as indicated in the directions.



Because of the volatile nature of essential oils, they should always be mixed with a carrier oil such as jojoba, castor, olive, grapeseed, sesame, coconut, or sweet almond to name a few. They should be mixed at a ratio of approximately 1 - 2% dilution, which equates to 5-10 drops per 30 ml. Essential oils can be mixed with your favourite carrier oil, or conditioner, shampoo, or styling product to take advantage of their numerous benefits. 

Caution: Do not apply directly to the skin. If pregnant, suffering from medical conditions or taking any medication, consult a Health Care Professional. Keep in a cool place away from light and heat. Keep out of reach of children. May irritate skin. Avoid contact with eyes.



100% sweet orange essential oil

Origin: Portugal

Extraction method: expressed from peel

Benefits: anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-microbial


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